May 22, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/22/2021

  1. rihanna at her event drinking cocktails with at little out fit. peoples just want her pregnant she will in time and when she is ready

    1. No It’s because she can’t sing. Let’s be real..Rihanna is not a vocalist. She is a studio singer with the help of technology

  2. yea I knew Eddie Sold his brother out….. It seems like he was jealous of Charlie M. too… Right after Charlie Died he was on some show with his kids saying I will take good care of them with that stupid grin… I knew something wasnt right than..

  3. Autotune? She must done lost the little vocals she had left? I understand AJ Johnson’s wife being upset. However, this is why it’s important to have insurance policies. Hopefully some of his so called friends will help with funeral expenses.

  4. Rihanna has been pregnant since 2016. She’s freely drinking alcohol too so no way shes preggo.

    Once ppl realize this thing w/ASAP isn’t as serious as they want it to be, they’ll realize the tea Drake was spilling in a couple of songs on his new album

  5. Can’t figure out what’s more disappointing Steph & Ayesha’s marriage problems or Rih’s auto tunes album. Ayesha has been growing into her womanhood over the last couple of years…but I hope they can work it out..
    Rih doesn’t have the best voice but if it will mainly auto tunes she can keep it. Just have her baby and continue being rock’s suga mama

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