May 22, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 9/23/2021

  1. Rihanna and maybe lil nas x. I like them both but I don’t need Rihanna music her vocals and live performances have never done it for me. Her lingerie and make up is everything though, I see why Beyoncé be hating 😂

  2. 1) Rihanna gotta watch out for the elites. She’s been giving billionaire status and they want top tier music I guess. My thing is she’s making way more money doing fenty then music so I’m not sure why they so pressed for music. I guess the Roc nation execs ain’t in on that money so they would be mad they missed out on it.

    2) hmmm either Nas X or Doja Cat.

  3. Permanent A list celeb not Cardi…. It’s Rihanna, lil nas seems to already have pushed the agenda’s like literally..and because of that, I think he’s already A status if he’s ALREADY in commercials with Elton John. So I’ll say Saweetie.

  4. This is disgusting these people are promoting be ped*philia and getting rewarded. I think the last is eith Megan or sweete, meg has a song with cardi and I know it’s going to be demonic

  5. I see why y’all say saweetie because she have been everywhere.

    I want to say Lori Harvey but idk she been out and about more.

  6. Rihanna fully owns her music masters after finishing up her album deal with def jamin 2014.
    Roc nation is her management only.. her last album came out through them & westbury road ( her own label) .. so I highly doubt that Rihanna owes more albums to anybody tbh.

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