May 22, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets : Usher

  1. Didn’t he sleep with a bridesmaid on his wedding day? I don’t think he sacrificed his stepson ( I know you didn’t say that) only because he was starting to peak at that time and I feel he passed the torch to CB. He been in the game most of his life. I hate that I believe he did go through it with a few of them. Also, I feel like JB was truly initiated by 50/Floyd. Seems like he has a thing for everyone. He’s hyper sexual, probably because he was active so early… i remember watching his first video ( yes yes y’all, to the beat all) he came a long way! I also remember hearing him sing live- if you know you know, he can really blow, but he was packaged differently! Great post!

  2. So I’m guessing he would have to sacrifice either his unborn baby to fake a “ miscarriage or his mother or son
    I knew he did something to Justin that’s why Justin dissed him
    Yuck yuck and yuck

  3. Did he ever try to get at Shakira while they were on the Voice or was it Adam Levine who tried to get with her? Can y’all do a Shakira story?

  4. I doubt he sacrificed his stepson. It was just what it was: an accident. His career skyrocketed the most when Confessions came out. He was everywhere with that album and that was way before Tameka. His albums afterwards were not as successful as Confessions although good. But Usher has always been a horny MF so not surprised he got around like that.

    Now I see why Chilli never wanted to elaborate on why they broke up. She just always kept saying “he did the ultimate No no”..which is obvious that he gave her something.

    Anyways, he’s disgusting. Maybe he’ll calm down now that he has daughters

  5. Was Usher ever involved with Aaliyah? I know they were probably just friends but seeing as he got around I wouldn’t be surprised if he at least tried.

  6. I really like Usher as an artist. He may be deactivated but he’s still doing it. Just on a different scale and yes probably ok with that

  7. He seems like a sex fiend lol.

    But on another note I noticed you said the only man Beyoncé ever cheated with. So she sleeps with women ?? I’m not surprised but just curious to who she’s been with

  8. Did he sacrifice? I noticed he is in commercials for Remy Martin. I fel like I hear about and see him more recently. I can’t get over him giving that fan herpes. Sleeping with celebrities seems gross since they all sleep with eachother and SOME of them have herpes. Usher has been with Diddy, which means he probably has herpes and he sleeps with everyone.. I will pass. Did Jay have it? If bey slept with usher doesn’t bey have it too?

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