May 22, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays Karen Civil

  1. Her reputation is starting to deteriorate if she doesn’t get ahead of this or just be quiet & not speak on certain things ppl are going to be apprehensive about working with her.

    1. She took down famelous that is why they changed their name to Gossip of the city her and Nipsey Hussle made famelous do a fake sale of the blog and all of the equity they build up under that name they lost because they had to change it

  2. What did you mean by buying rappers expensive gift bags and potential clowning? Who was getting clowned- side bar: was she responsible for that bag when Bobby came home? She was all in the background in the pics. Once I saw her I was like .. interesting. Also, why did she get fired from beats? She’s certainly a hustler!! GITC?!? Wow… so was the story that it was a guy first and then given to his a girl a cover? Even they put up a cryptic post saying they aren’t putting anything up regarding the KC story. Most thought because she was feeding them intel, but I doubt it. Because they made it clear in the same post they don’t like each other but biz is biz…. Didn’t y’all say something about her being with KP the day she passed? it’s odd to me because while in one hand, people are scared to speak on her, the other hand her shit is out in the open,and doing it to people in the industry, and she is able to continue… she must have the GOODS, and she must cover her ass well, on some level. Odd they didn’t have a backup plan to cover their asses with HER! Lemme read part 2.

  3. Jason Lee just did a whole wpisode on the Breakfast club about her shenanigans of getting his page taken down, Jessie Woo talked about her beef with her, and another lady talked about how she did the One organization helping Haiti wrong… and then not to mention all the people who ended up dead and she was right there in the mix ( Mack Miller for one).

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