May 22, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays Karen Civil Part 2

  1. Her wigs are ugly asf. I saw a picture with her Teyana Taylor and Jayda lol. Jayda doesn’t know wtf she getting herself into, she always laughing being a goof ball.

    How is Karen and Teyana so close?

  2. Like her or not- she’s doing nothing different than these men in the industry. She just has to play dirtier. Not taking up for her because some things I may disagree with but I have no real information, Jason Lee isn’t an example, cam an then could’ve sued her or worse, they didn’t, Jessie woo, I’m not that familiar with, others, well- I dunno. SOMEONE is letting this shit slide. If we are finding out now, they’ve known for a long time and yet she thrives. I dunno man. we all know she’s more than a brand strategist. But that’s the best “title” that makes sense because she’s seen. She’s more… what I dunno, but definitely more than that. I say that for one reason- ALL this shit she’s being dragged for, ain’t got shit to do with brand strategy. It’s all shit we wouldn’t know unless the person called her out! Make sense? Meaning no one was “looking bad, publicly” because of her, unless it was the victim saying something. I dunno. Just trying to look at it from all perspective’s.

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