May 22, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/19/2021

  1. Jlo feels like an outsider in HW? Lol. Doesn’t she treat non famous people like they are beneath her? And she is neck deep in Santeria? Aaand thinks shes A List everything with a massive ego? I’d say she fits right in, lol.

  2. Whitney Houston specifically said she wanted Rihanna and only her. Cardi slow self can’t even take Whitney’s role. It’s gonna go straight to lifetime

  3. Not cardi 😭. I can barely listen to her lives never mind a whole movie. ASAP new album I’m guessing ( when they were filming he was the only one ever seen rapping/singing w.e he does into the camera)

  4. If cardi b is a part of that they about to get so much backlash. I’m not trying to be rude, out of all people they want cardi.

  5. They need to give Future a Vasectomy and burn those bad boys so there is absolutely NO chance of them reconnecting.

    The man have too many babies man!

  6. Leave the bodyguard alone…Not excited for Cardi at all…will she be healed from surgery by October. Future…smh. Karen Civil…hmmmm

  7. Cardi in the bodyguard? Oh they about to ruin everything- music & movies. LMFAO!! How many more lead singles will she release before the album? 5 years in and only one album….
    j-lo needs to shut up- who even believes that.

  8. It says “a part” not “ thee part” so it would just be a supporting role. I do not enjoy hearing Cardi speak at all tbh. They also do not need to remake this movie.

    Karen NotCivil is getting what she deserves. It’s been a longtime coming with her and I hope more people drag her

    Sadly nobody is checking for Rem

    I hear that’s why him and Dess broke up a Li’l while back was because of a baby on the way

    I honestly forgot ASAP raps.

    1. Basically a scammer who does the bidding of the record labels. If you search the site, there is in depth back story about her.

  9. Karen Civil is getting hit hard. What’s going on? Why is this coming up now? Did she piss off a elite? Is this a humiliation ritual for her? So many questions 😩 lol.

  10. Just because a woman hangs with a black guy doesn’t mean it’s because of bbc, that’s a myth anyways and weird to always use that as an excuse.

  11. Although I’m not longer a cardi fan, I ALWAYS thought back in the day, when I followed her before LHH that she would make a good actress. It’s not only that people have gotten to the point where they are over her, and the tears that will come from being dragged doing the movie, just from talking- THE SOUNDTRACK ALONE that came from that movie can never be duplicated. It was bigger than the damn movie!!! so, NO!! Leave it alone! Even Giselles fans say she can’t act, unless it was dream girls, which for the most part might as well had been a biopic… so just NO!
    Jlo please. You are literally Hollywood, you do everything they do if not more. That means if THEY turned on you, then you must truly not be liked.

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