May 22, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everybody 9/18/2021

  1. Lol drake if she is like family why did you unfollow? Better yet why did you spill all y’all business on a song *and maybe shaded her on a few other songs* and tried to paint an old narrative off of unhappiness you saw a year and a half ago when she was fresh off the breakup from the billionaire? And you tried to act like she was still heartbroken over you 5 years later lol Scorpio shit.

  2. Not surprised about Wendy Williams, something has been eating her from the inside. Hope she gets well soon!
    My god Nelly keeps wasting every women’s time.
    Meh the Megan features are big but honestly she just had the BTS Collab and it did not perform well at all, it really comes off as If she constantly needs other & bigger celebs to save her. And she’s supposed to be one of the top female rappers…

      1. It’s weird she’s collabing with big names who are mainstream yet her sales look rookie, very weird. People are just not taking to her.

  3. lil baby-the entertainment industry is a dark place the higher up you go. Dani- I would just co parent with Da pappy if it’s his, that isn’t going to end well again. Wendy Williams should retire if possible. Young Miami- the way Love did Lady KP and Cassie, I thank Joie. Drake and Rhi- Drake talks about almost everyone has dated. Megan can rap but her team around her to allow be more dimensional.

  4. Do you have any info on Beyoncé & Jayz getting Rihanna’s doc completely stopped by agreeing to do something for Amazon prime in 2022?
    I paid it dust when it was said a few months ago but Amazon prime just announced them in their line up for 2022.

  5. A few things….

    I wonder if Offset cheating was Birdie B’s humiliation ritual…unless he just loves to cheat and that is just his normal behavior.

    I wonder why Nicki decided that HBO Max was a better option than Netflix for her documentary.

    I wonder if drake has already dropped Joanna. Seems like she is willing to be the second baby mother.

    I wonder if Joie is still in the background and if she is going to stay there even if YM stays.

    Random: Monica seems to stay out of trouble and off the radar….wonder what the backstory is with her.

  6. Joie is in another harem from future to diddy that’s alot.

    I wonder what lil baby saw. It probably be in his next song.

    That’s sad about wendy.

  7. Megs music is always an after thought a week after its release, it’s clear they gotta put her with big artists to make her chart high. Her solo music really ain’t hitting on nothing.

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