May 22, 2022

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13 thoughts on “New Segment : Dark Arts Tea

  1. I’m an Afro-Caribbean spiritualist. I love this segment!! A blue bath is also good. It will cloak you. And a pendulum/cross on a necklace can also find any objects she would need to get rid of. I make guard jewellery as well. I use the bible as well other literature my spirits have presented to me.

  2. Hey G I have a question, what’s happening to nicki right now is it an humiliation ritual or this is legit? Like are they really attacking her because she has a different opinion on the vaccine?

    Thanks for responding

    1. It’s a clearing and protection bath. Cleans negative energies/demons/dark magic while shielding you and drawing better luck.

  3. I don’t believe in the Bible but I believe in the protection of Psalms. Psalms 91 is my go to.
    Spiritual baths are very effective as well 😊

  4. Yes to this segment more articles about this!!!! I’ve always wondered about Beyoncé’s what does she do in particular and why is she so powerful? Or is it a facade?

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