May 22, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Blind Reveal Thursdays 9/16/2021

  1. This was good. Can we get some vma tea? Why did Chloe cry when she got off stage? Why was normani invited so late? Why didn’t meg or cardi get awards when the had the biggest song of the year. Why did Justin bier win?

    1. Right poor chloe she never had a chance at being herself. From when she played lil lilly in fighting temptations. I feel like she gone boss up though.

  2. Wait…didn’t Gina go on Tasha K’s show a couple years back talking about being abused by Diddy….but now she’s back creeping with him? And Rihanna and Nicki hooked up 🤔? Saw Olivia Rodrigo on the VMA’s…good performance but if she’s dating a racist that means she’s one too… so fuck her and fuck whoever she’s dating!

    1. Now im starting to think the girl diddy meeses with doesn’t want him to go publicly with anyone. The moment he was seen with lori harvey that’s when she did the interview.

    2. I was so confused is that what that means regarding Nikki and Riri? I sure would love to be a fly on the wall to watch that!

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