July 6, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Nicki Minaj and Irving Azoff Split

  1. Nicki is literally letting herself going down all over a man? Sad. It’s pathetic how she put that man over everything.

      1. Yes because we are witnessing everything right in front of our faces. Well at least the people who don’t have they heads up Nicki’s asses are, Idk what the stans see… gonna assume her colon?

  2. You got some facts wrong.
    She gave Irving the “Cocksucker award” in 2018 not 2019. It was due to “bad press” about her tour ticket sales in the USA, so it couldn’t have been 2019. Bc in 2019 she went on tour in Europe 😉
    Him not moving on from that comment makes no sense bc he was the one who contacted Nicki’s team, wanting to become her manager. Why become a manager when you still feel some type of way about that person. *Logic*
    Trollz was her SECOND number 1 on the billboards 100 not her first. Him not feeling it doesn’t matter bc that’s the contract Nicki signed with 69. 3 songs in total- she fulfilled it, for a huge bag. And 2/3 songs were within the top3 of billboard. All 3 charted.

    Can’t say much about that Kenny part but it’s hard to believe bc she never have a man much influence over her career so let’s see and wait.

    1. Meek was influencing her career just not in an actual business way. Having her dress a little less sexy to protect his ego, when we know Nicki is all about sex appeal was influencing. Basically forcing himself onto her tour and turning it into the Nicki and meek tour when nobody asked for it, was influence. And of course he’s the reason she did what she did with Miley and got blacklisted in the first place. Safaree the only one who didn’t try too hard to control her & Nas didn’t stick around long enough to try.

    2. exactly nicki minaj career is nicki minaj not kenny. kenny is not an industry dude. he ain’t for nicki he here for onika if that’s was the case it would’ve happened with meek

  3. I really tried to stay in Nicki’s corner but she’s toxic and a self sabotager. No management with sense who cares about their reputation should work with her. And her latest antics? She just wants to be broke. No brand wants to be associated with her stupidness. Good luck with that. Kenny won’t have a dime to give her.

    1. she just got new management and publicist doja cat, the weekend and brandy management so you sound dumb and sweetie irv came to her to want to manage her so get your facts straight when she got with kenny. That’s her personal life not her professional life

  4. I love nicki but she’s definitely moving like she doesn’t want anyone to tell her what to do regarding her personal life even if its helpful. Nicki could’ve possibly come out this hate train good and retire, but now her husband is the goalpost and she wont buge even doe she sees the news and dragging smh. She should be the female drake but she really not doing business right.

    1. y’all can barely run y’all only life let alone a rich successful black woman. why should her decision affect your life?

  5. if you don’t believe what she’s saying then why are y’all here?? don’t ruin this for everyone else because y’all wanna say dumb shit

  6. nicki is really putting that man before her career in the sense of she’s willing to risk it for him, but he’s not worth that risk to me. she is lowkey a self sabotager. she wanted mature deals but did a song with 69 and she didn’t even tell her manager about marrying kenny. her manager should know if she’s going to marry someone with an alleged past as a ra*ist, as we’ve all seen it hinders her alottt. and i didn’t even realize she was calling her own manager the cocksucker.

  7. A Nicki Vegas Residency would make big money I hope she can still get that with whoever she takes on as a new manager, if they will have her.

    Gwen probably knew working with Nicki wouldn’t be a good idea, and the sad part is it’s not so much about getting in trouble with the elites cause she blacklisted, it’s literally because of the bad press she’s bringing to herself.

    Nicki needs to realize that her team has to try to dictate her personal life cause the personal life is leaking over into her business life, and that’s literally what they are paid to do. Like what was wrong with a fake break up between her and Kenneth? They sadly would’ve still been together behind the scenes but point is it would’ve been behind the scenes versus all over the front page. I would think she would want that privacy back, but what? She didn’t want an I told you so moment or want people laughing at her? People can get as mad as they wanna get, but she’s trying to give this more family unit image but the puzzle pieces *aka Kenny* ain’t giving that image.

  8. I think the idea of nicki and kenny being broken up would have been a good idea. Just so they can stay low key. I mean she let everybody think what they wanted with safaree. A residency would be good too but everything else is on her. I respect her music but she always been a lil problematic bts soooo…..

      1. Girl ain’t nobody mad. Idgaf about what kenny did or what nicki doing. I’m just saying that suggestion wasn’t that baddd. Idgaf if she wants to lose deals and money shidd that’s all on her.

  9. I am the biggest Nicki fan, but she’s killing her self. What Drake said make sense now. In life especially the career aspect you got to know when to listen to your team. Ppl telling you how they feel isnt necessarily a bad thing especially when they are for you and your success. You got to learn when to shut up and listen, it could possibly save your life. He’s not wrong neither is queen Gwen, Nicki is self destructing and as someone who is coming out of they faze she really need to rethink life for her and her beautiful son. She is and will only be her son protecter and provider. She really do need to leave him. Shit get with a rich foreigner, find him a decent step daddy lay low drop a fire album like bey did low key and leave and leave the game satisfied, instead of being forced out. Ppl understand bad relationships happen, but to stay in one, especially for a man who can offer you nothing, but sperm is stupid. She’s to rich to be so stupid, she don’t have to be. She got money and resources. She needs to leave for her son sake

  10. I hate to say this but sis is about to mess up her whole legacy for this man. What he got that has her so weak and stupiddddddddddd. It’s not giving bad bitch/boss bitch energy, it’s giving desperate and it’s saddddd!!!!!!

  11. I love Nicki to death I really do admire her. She’s strong and stands in her own no matter what. Not too many ppl do that. I think Nicki should leave Kenny tho, for her career yes but mostly because it’s obvious the relationship isn’t based on love..it’s based on convenience. Kenny gets money, Nicki gets a family and protection. It just seems like she married the first dude who said yes because she felt like she was running out of time, plus her exes had kids and I think it bothered her being alone.

    Its not too late for her to recover from Kenny. She can just act like he lied and she was blinded by love, ppl will buy that. Then do some charity for sexual assault victims and she’ll be fine.

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