July 6, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/15/2021

  1. Can someone tell me what the first sentence with Rihanna is supposed to say ? It’s missing some context clues that was overlooked while proofreading.

  2. I feel like that accomplishment for drake was barely talked about & kinda overlooked. The main people discussing it were his fans but not much of anybody else. I’m gonna assume cause the Met Gala went down also on Monday people weren’t paying attention and if I was drake I’d be lowkey irritated cause that’s an impressive accomplishment.

  3. I wish ppl would see what this thing w/ASAP really is.

    Ppl have been saying the Rihanna is pregnant rumors for several years now w/anyone & everyone she’s linked to

    1. When I first saw Rih and Asap pics/videos from the gala I was like awwww they look in love but then I had to think about, Rih looks like that with all the men she has dated. Head over heels in love, she is like another J Lo, lol.

  4. I personally feel as though Drake has lost his passion. He was showing vulnerability and heart early on in his career but once people started calling him soft, he turned into a jerk. I want Aubrey not Drake! I also think Diddy is underestimating JD. JD got timeless hits under his belt. It feels like people always try to discredit the South 😞.

    1. Agreed. He only gets serious in his raps when he wants to too, it’s annoying. I also think he low key went through an identity crisis. CLB was a solid album, I’ll give him that. I haven’t listened to him since his joint album with Future.

  5. During the bubble nba playoffs, it was stated Selena was seeing Jimmy Butler. Is/was that true? Are they still involved?

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