May 17, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Industry Advice The Shady Truth About Record Deals

  1. Whew. All that glitters ain’t gold! Who wouldn’t want to be rich? But it’s at a TOO HIGH of cost. Nothing I would be willing to pay. And I know I’m not built for that lifestyle. Owing people money, sacrificing loved ones just for fame/wealth, people trying to sabotage your projects for you to fail, mind games/programming, people ALWAYS in your business, cameras ALWAYS in your face. No thank you!

  2. I now see how artist go bankrupt. Can you talk about the 360 deal? Why do some artist never go broke like Beyoncé buy others do? Did she have smart attorneys? Do white artist go bankrupt? I only hear about black artists going broke

  3. Damn that’s why so many legendary musicians died flat broke. I would always wonder why and now I know. Thank you Heaven and G ❤️

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