July 6, 2022

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35 thoughts on “The Making of Chloe Bailey

  1. So where does that leave Halle? I feel so bad for her because although she has the Little Mermaid coming, people don’t pay her any mind. She has such a beautiful voice and I can wait to hear solo music from Halle.

  2. I noticed the blonde braids. I haven’t seen the video yet although it’s everywhere. I’ll watch when I’m ready, if I get ready. And we can’t miss the over-sexualization being paraded unless you live under a rock.

    1. I share your same sentiments. I haven’t watched yet and I’m still like..meh. lol. It actually makes me a little uncomfortable but God forbid you say anything other than “Yasss!” otherwise you’re labeled a hater which is not the case. Chloe has talent and shouldn’t have to do all of this but this is Hollyweird we’re talking about. And thanks for confirming what I guessed which is B making her do this because she couldn’t.

      I also hope all of this doesn’t mess up her relationship with Halle. Halle is also talented and seems to be so sweet and innocent, but has she/will she be MK’d also especially being affiliated with Disney?

  3. Yea Chloe is a better replacement because Normani music ain’t hittin at all. I could only imagine what her initiation was like. I bet Halle will be more like Solange.

  4. I was waiting patiently for your take on this as yours is the only opinion I actually take on board when it comes to this shit cause we’ll you’re the GOAT but yeah this isn’t even hidden in plain sight they are working her like a damn donkey. I was like damn watching her behavior these last couple months then the video dropped and my jaw hit the floor it’s practically soft core PORN

      1. It’s weird I never got that from their parents. Like- they seemed pretty solid and didn’t appear to play any of the bs when thy used to be on YouTube and the vultures were circulating back then…. They probably heard the name Bey and thought it was ok.

    1. I think Chloe is talented. I just feel bad for normani. She already has camille from fifth harmony sabotaging her. He music was pulled from streaming sites so it affected her numbers. Her appearance on jimmy kimmel was replaced with Camille. And mtv didn’t invite her to perform with one the best videos of the year? They added her to the last minute. Now Beyoncé is pushing her artist. Chloe will have all the resources normani does not have. Normani team and label is trash. I want the best for her. She can sing and dance her ass off but the industry won’t allow her to be successful. Damn shame.

      1. It’s the label and certain people in the industry her team is doing the best they can she’s already said. I think Normani will be successful though!

  5. I always wondered why she had to show her ass while singing cover songs? You are beautiful and talented. You don’t have to go there

  6. What is vowel talk and where is the secret location? Is it an island or a house somewhere random where they all program artists?

  7. Why is the over sexualised agenda a must? Why can’t she just Be right back herself? What happens during Mk ultra and how was she initiated?

  8. Idk if anyone peeped or not but a month ago chloe posted on her insta story saying that her knees are healing and they looked sore and briused. I wonder wtf she was doing because she has nice skin. I like her but i need to see chloe snd not giselle its too damn creepy. I saw the breakdown dance part of the video and she did look like a possessed person.

    1. She said that was from the first performance she did. The one to the Nina Simone cover for the Black Liberation event/special. But I agree I hated the breakdown dance lol didn’t really see it as creepy, just ugly and didn’t fit the song

  9. I think Chloe is very, very talented with her own it factor. However, the thing I always notice about these replacements or when they try to push all these new artists is a lot of them just turn and burn (with the exception of very few) and nearly none of them seem like they can have the longevity factor of these artists who have been around a long time. It seems like the MK Ultra and sexualiation is way too overt and rushed. Almost like the “dark side” is desperate to keep that grip on the younger generation.
    As much as I enjoy artists with real, incredible talent. Its almost pitiful to watch when you know they gotta live some form of misery to keep doing it.

  10. I see they are using some type of crochet method to give her blond locs but I don’t see her natural locs staying for her career…
    It is so disturbing to see people supporting this hypersexual switch and labeling it as “female empowerment” when it is really just grooming….

    She and her sister have great voices but never been interested in them once I found out they were Giselle’s “prodigies”🙄.

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