July 1, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/10/2021

  1. I say Rihanna or Ariana is preggo, people been predicting pregnancy for Ariana since she got hitched & we know rih has been actively trying to get pregnant and also has had a bunch of people predicting it for her as well. I hope it’s rih 🙂

    Nicki trying to create a paper trail or something lol why through DM? To have receipts In case someone try to play her lol

    1. That’s what I wanna know! I’d also like to know some sugar about her because I know she’s got some. I feel like she herself said she doesn’t stay in LA too long whenever she’s got to travel there because there’s too much temptation and I know she’s struggled with drugs in the past.

  2. I don’t believe Tyson and Kim dated, he just wants us to believe he’s straight but we all know better. I love Chaka but I love Prince even more, and enough people have lied on him while he’s not alive to defend himself. The last thing we need is a so called friend talking bad about him. I heard Ariana is pregnant.

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