July 6, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Ask G Fridays Blood Sacrifices

  1. So my question is… the celebrities don’t care that when they pass on to the after life they’ll suffer for eternity?

  2. Did cardi already do her sacrifice? I mean she has a lot of fame so I always wonder. If she hasn’t then that makes me question if this is true about sacrificing. Or is it other rituals they can do instead? I always believed they wanted her sister and to me it’s seams as though she distant her self from Hennessy. Maybe to save her.

  3. How do they actually murder them though? Like the claim overdose, accidental death or sickness but how do they off them if these people are healthy.

    1. The ones I have seen in the news vary. Car accident, house robbery, medical accident, plane crash, drive by to name a few. And I believe they get a text saying that “the part was fun.” Or some bs like that.

  4. Was Nicki’s dad a sacrifice so she can get back in their good graces AND keep her husband out of prison?

    This gives me chills how these celebs agree to this for fame and fortune. Rihanna’s grandma and cousin. Kanye’s mom.

  5. Who is they? Are you talking about the artist or the industry? This is so vague. If you replaced they with the person you’e talking about, it would make sense.

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