July 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Exclusive Diddy Ask Kim Kardashian Out Guess What Happened

  1. It’s crazy how even with all the attention the other sisters will get, Kim is still the one all the dudes wanna take down, Even with 4 kids & in her 40’s. Kylie done blew up yeah and Kendall has made her rounds for example but it always leads back to Kim. That let’s me know that there is something to Kim energy that maybe the other sisters ain’t got. People have always said Kim was the sweetest meanwhile Kendall was said to be rude, kourtney is rude and allegedly the racist sister, Kylie might just be quiet and it comes off stuck up & rude, and khloe bless her heart people just don’t take her serious enough to analyze anything. Kim got the looks and the warm personality people clearly like…probably explains why even with the culture vulture label and biting off black woken sticker, Kim constantly makes new friends with black women roflmfao.

  2. He’s the Freddy Kruger of the industry after Kim P no woman should want to allow him around them he demonic have women loss and turn out

  3. He thinks he can snap his fingers and women will come running? I cannot stand him and with his past I wouldn’t want to be around him either.

  4. Okay First off I want to congratulate MrsKardashian on her real decision and brand new potential and it’s me. Geze of Geze Media I own allot of copyrights and co own some of the hottest companies. I recently got in another conversation with the Kardashian Klan online on Facebook which I do not own but I invented the internet and I own hip hop really like to say the copyright to it has to pass my hands before the artist gets a deal and this is true love you Kim hope to see you and your family again soon. If you are ready to get involved let me in your life more.

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