July 6, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Spilling Tea on Everybody 9/7/2021

  1. Anytime someone fave do something they don’t like people come with the “it was photoshopped” excuse lol please that girl liked that picture and she knows she did. Rihanna is Meg’s label mate and she was kicking it with Nicki with their respective partners in tow…you know Meg went over to lurk and see why they was trending together & her finger slipped. Happens to everybody.

    I personally don’t think Nicki was taking away from cardi moment. If a picture with two women just sitting with their partners can distract people from a woman giving birth that they claim to love so much then that is truly a problem. I think Nicki is beginning the promotion for the savage x fenty show performance she gonna do with bia. I expect her to officially announce it in the upcoming days.

    Camila gotta be sucking and smashing these execs to have some type of hand in sabotaging Normani. Gonna assume that is what you mean by “very influential” cause lol. I still will always say queen bey is also pulling strings in some way since people compare Normani to her and she wants her protege to take her spot instead…plus she has the actual power. But Normani replacing Rihanna? Hmm that would be interesting. I still was set on saweetie but she lowkey about to be in TV or something with all these tv vibe type deals she getting it seems.

  2. Nicki tryna get back into the elites good graces so she don’t want nor needs Dababy and all his drama right now. I bet Nicki verse is 🔥 though. I can’t see Normani or Saweetie replacing Rihanna they just don’t have the records. I could see Doja doing it because sis is very talented and one hell of a performer.

  3. RIP Michael K. Williams he was one of the best actors to ever do it. What’s crazy is that I saw a meme of him Sunday saying that he was the only one who could play DMX in a movie which would’ve been amazing to see after he did the tribute for X a few months ago. I’m gonna miss him 😢

  4. Around that same time the screenshot was going around Meek was also liking and unliking her photo with Rih on the shaderoom to me that’s more likely what she was talking about. Because wasn’t it just a few days ago he was posting with lyrics to her song and had Uzi posted that old pic of him kissing her feet on his story.
    That would make more sense to me that it’s Meek she tweeted about and not Meg.
    Anyway it’s not that deep not like she cussed her out or anything people making it a bigger deal because they want them to beef publicly for 💵💵 the media and industry would rake in a ton of money for another beef just like they did with Cardi and now Ye and Drake

  5. Hopefully Amelia Grey will kick Scott to the curb. She is too young to be playing step mama.

    You can tell I am aging out with these young artists because IMO none of them are great. I never saw the hype in Normani or any of her little peers either. All of them want to replace Beyonce. We all know how Beyonce gets down, but let’s keep it a buck, the girl can put on a show. Half of these kids don’t know what a “show” is. And none of them have the swag to replace Rhianna.

  6. I don’t see the big deal about liking and unliking a photo. Social media has gone to everyone’s head. If it was an accident so what, if it wasn’t so what lol. But I do wonder why nicki did not post her Rihanna pic the day it was taken or after. Seems suspicious doing it after cardi posted about giving birth but either way people can post whatever they want when they want, again social media is taking over everyone’s mind lol. But I wonder if Rihanna and Nicki will make a new song. I’d love to hear new a song

    I do hope Normani can succeed. I really like her. It sucks Camila is evil and a hater

    I like Chloe but I’m not the biggest fan of her music. I do not see her really replacing Giselle the way ppl think she will, yes it’s the goal but I definitely don’t see her as the new Giselle

    If Lil Baby and Offset were fighting over a woman and it hits the blogs, it’s going to be a messy situation, especially after cardi just gave birth

    Someone said it in their comment, nicki and da baby not releasing their song, nicki does not need that drama after what just happened to da baby

  7. I can’t believe that normani has the video of the year yet she can’t perform or get nominated. It’s so fucked up. Chloe is cool but she has no song out. I have never seen someone get sabatoge in the industry like they are doing to her. What did normani do to people for this to happen?

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