July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “MTO Music Tea Only

  1. When is chica’s album coming out?????? That’s your friend so you should know that, oh but I forgot you won’t tell that but keep trying to sabotage Nickis release! I peep what your doing!

    1. Y’all still show everyday in these comments y’all don’t know how the industry works and is interconnected. No artist or label needs to check a blog for a potential release date my god 😂 they just call up Republic and ask them it’s simple 😂

      1. @lmlilperry we are not you! We don’t want to know how the industry works!! You’re a wanna be G. How’s your blog going 🥴? Have a seat !!! I said what I said, this blog has said about 3 times when Nicki is releasing, I wanna know when chicas is coming out.

  2. Damn…not used to seeing fighting round these parts…why have the comments section been getting so hostile lately…

  3. Nicki was just at the savagexfenty show ( I think her and bia are performing). Have y’all seen the viral tweet about drake being a groomer on twitter? Look up @feellikeapablo on twitter

  4. How does normani have the best video of the year and she doesn’t get nominated or asked to perform? Is this a joke?

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