July 1, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Spilling Saturdays Season 12 The Truth Between The Beef of Maliah Michel and Sophie Brussaux

  1. I’m glad she spoke out and said no man could retire her. She stood her ground in telling him to buy a house and move in. So it doesn’t seem like she was intimated by his demands. The nerve of him. But because he’s Drake, he’s supposed to get whatever he wants and most females will give it to him. It’s the disregard for her feelings and the sense of entitlement for me. The life of a superstar.

  2. If Sophie was racist toward black women, why did you let her move into your home Maliah? Why did you stay friends with her for so long, even after she got pregnant by the dude you was in love with at some point? Sorry but that might just be Maliah trying to make Sophie look bad cause in turn it will make drake look bad like a domino effect by getting an apparent racist porn star pregnant. I know people say she had racist tweets which was really just her saying the n word like oh wassup my nigga but Chile that’s another discussion.

    Can’t say whether Sophie would say things like I’m looking for an idiot to get pregnant cause these chicks be knowing these men is easily sprung off cooch so hey maybe she did.

    This all just furthers my belief that drag is a controlling ass partner who would rather retire someone in a way to get men to stop looking at her or get them to stop contacting her, but have no intention of staying around himself and will just call her when he needs some
    Spur of the moment Cooch Smfh.

  3. I thought Drake met Sophie in Amsterdam because someone sent her to him. Thats what Maliah said. So he knew Sophie this entire time?? And was screwing her for years? Didnt he say they only met two times. Which would be Amsterdam and Dubai. This is interesting 🤔

  4. Garbage pail kids, all 3 of them. If Drake wanted the woman to stop stripping, he should have gave her a plan. It’s clear she wasn’t ready and didn’t have one in place. Sophie is the woman’s “friend” but you go screw her ex. What planet do these idiots live on? Planet hoes & narcissist. Listen, if Sophie can casually fck her “friend’s” ex man like that, I don’t put it past her talking all that trash about trapping dummies and etc. And this is why Drake treats her like a garbage bag. He knows homegirl isn’t 💩. This only fuels his toxic controlling personality. All three involved are toxic and trash.

  5. Malia new how Sophie was to her all me were fair game she said it herself , she stayed friends with her after she told her what was going on. Is Malia mad because she is looking at the life she could of had because nobody wants to see a old stripper that has to do tarot now.

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