July 6, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets The Death Of Mercedes Morr AKA Jenae Gagnier part 2

  1. If you check her tagged photos there’s some sicko who is literally posting her saying he’ll miss watching that ass shake and is posting pictures of her saying rip to That ass and some other heartless and quite pathetic shit. It’s giving 40 year old virgin in the studio apartment with the lotion and napkins to keep him company versus an actual woman.

  2. I saw one post that said all that ass gone to waste. The comments are so brutal. I feel so sorry for her family

  3. On the news her parents say it was a stalker someone she didn’t know.. but I’m hearing she was an escort and that was her sugar daddy and I didn’t hear of any break in so sounds like she may have let him in

  4. Something still is off about this.. you could tell she was a E by how allot of these rappers responded… something is still missing from the story??

    1. Drake album date 09/02/2021 = 7
      Drake Age is 34 = 7
      Mercedes Was born in 87. 2021-1987 =34 = 7
      Mercedes Morr (13) + Jenea Garnier (12) =25 = 7
      Yesterday was the 9th month and 2nd day 9-2= 7
      If I find one more 7 it will be six 7s drakes favorite #

      Also number 7 can represent pain frustration anxiety depression and loneliness

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