July 6, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Industry Sundays 8/29/2021

  1. Good lawd this is even more disturbing than I thought initially! My jaw is on the floor 😳

    Sarah- Sia
    Misty – Madie Zigler
    DJ – Diplo? (Not sure though as it says DG – possibly David Guetta?)
    Shane – Shia LaBeouf

  2. Yo! This is effing disgusting! Yeah it’s Sia’s weird azz and the girl Maddie…. this has been whispered about elsewhere…. It’s still effing sick!!!! And it’s some BS!

  3. Wow..wtf I knew something was off with her and her obsession with that child. Sad af and her mom needs to be locked up for selling her to those pedos

  4. Gross!! Poor Maddie. Melissa was always a thirsty ass heffa on Dnce moms, not shocked at her pimping her kid out, nasty bitch!

  5. Maddie’s mama is a piece of crap
    Shia needs help everyone knows that
    Poor Maddie I hope she got out of this sick industry

  6. Sarah – Sia Furler
    Misty – Maddie Ziegler
    Briella – Beyonce
    Dino Gayne – David Guetta
    Shane – Shia Labeouf

  7. This is so sad and disgusting!!!! Sia is seriously sick in the head, I feel sorry for these kids going through this and their shitty parents don’t say a word, how evil these people be!

  8. Dino Gayne posted recently praising Sara for their hit song making 10 years and thanking her for her trust and loyalty.

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