July 1, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/28/2021

  1. G u see them pics he posted with them in the leopard print beta sex kitten loading he ain’t shit for grooming them

    1. Kim was a protection for the twins now that she’s gone he’s def gonna put them out there. Sarah will do whatever to keep the checks coming. I feel sorry for his daughters he has a serpent spirit.

  2. I’m
    Here for Mimi and Bey! Oh please, Kim was “rethinking” divorce cause 2 billionaires is better than two and she sees how Kanye still has huge star power. Look how people are running like sheep’s to all his concerts, I mean, listening parties…

    1. The twins don’t really seem model material but I guess her mom’s legacy and Kimora’s/Diddy’s pull will make them famous…
      Seems too late for a Mariah/Giselle collar..Why not when they were younger?
      If Nicki knew the industry wanted to take her down why did she make it easier for them by marrying Ken?

  3. Aaliyah and Lenny would’ve been a good look. Hype knew what was up in my opinion. Drake and Kanye on the same would be epic. I don’t understand why that felt the need to make a black wonder years? Diddy keeping evil in the family. I know this is not what Kim would’ve wanted. Can’t wait for karma to get his ass.

  4. Are the combs twins really girls? Cuz we all know how hollywood gets down
    What was with Kim wearing a wedding dress

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