September 27, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Word has it Wednesday’s

    1. If i was normani I wouldn’t even bother.
      Chloe not even making noise like that. I doubt if she gets bigger.

      1. Let Chloe have it. She in bey shadows anyway and it’s going to be hard to get rid of that unless she pulls a stunt.

    2. Right, she’s worked so hard. She’s being blocked every which way. I’ll continue to support the hell out of her.

    1. Chloe just seems to wanna bust it open for the internet all the time. Yeah she can sing and act but meh. I feel for Normani.

  1. No one says anything about the shady things Beyonce does and if they do the ppl would just make it seem like it’s ok because shes Beyonce but talk shit bout everyone else.

  2. I really don’t trust beyonce when it comes to Normani!!! She’s fake pro black women until it’s others in the industry and she’ll gladly ruin them. I hope Normani stays away from that evil woman.

  3. Y’all normani needs to sit down. She always drops a song than disappears she puts no effort in staying consistent. She puts out one song she expects everything to come her way. Be consistent and work hard. Chloe has been working hard she’s consistent. Even if she isn’t dropping music she is doing music covers and interacts with her fans.

    1. chloe will always be in beyonce shadow. the song she performed on the some award shows i swear i closed my eyes and wouldve thought it was beyonce

  4. Oh look Beyoncé pulling the same stunts she used for Chloe too. Pathetic, shows me they both ain’t all that if they can’t have any competition. Poor Normani. I feel bad for her… because she has the talent. I hope she leaves RocNation and then finds a better place. Same thing Doja did.
    Beyoncé still can’t handle competition 😂 pathetic.

  5. Bey has done this for years, she did it with all her peers. She made sure no other black girls would perform in those award shows. Just like she stole Amerie sound, she stopped so many bags BTS.

  6. I FUCKING KNEW IT! I said watch how Beyoncé is going to use her power and influence push Chloe and then these girls gon end up not liking each other. Chloe will ultimately be in the forefront though.

  7. Normani is Sooo Talented..I believe it’s her record label as well! I’m sick of Beyonce and her Witch Face Mother!!

  8. I feel bad for normani. Her team and her label is trash. It’s one thing for camila team to sabatoge her. It’s another with Beyoncé doing things behind the scenes as well. Normani dropped a great song and video and she gets no love. Her songs were remove from streaming platforms so she wouldn’t chart well. Than she was cancelled on jimmy kimmel and replaced with camila. How does normani song do worse than lizzo song?

    This is no shade towards Chloe. She is talented but she doesn’t have a song out. Normani put up her own money for that video. It was amazing. I would love to see this song performed live.

  9. In plain sight but her followers can’t see it. Normani should just be independent at this point. They sabotage and bad mouth her too much.

  10. Y’all can’t feel bad for Normani she wants to be apart of this demonic industry. You can’t have it both ways.

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