July 6, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tina Davis

  1. Chile these sickos love to move their victims into their homes to be abused 24/7. It’s repulsive. As for the alleged son I mean he does resemble Chris a bit and since Chris has his other son with Ammika, you could kinda compare notes. Aeko definitely shows signs of his daddy in the face, and hell royalty is her daddy twin. Makes you go hmmm. Also idk why but the little boy’s name just screams something Chris would give his child. He named His and Ammika son Aeko Catori… Khaleo ain’t too far fetched from that theme lol

  2. You constantly hear about the men in the industry but rarely are the women who are predators put on blast…. it’s time they get exposed too…. this lady is an old ass gold digger…..

  3. She should be ashamed of herself preying and having sex with a child. The little boy is cute and does kinda look like Chris. I also wonder if Tina is the reason why Chris doesn’t like dark skinned women. I guess all she put him through made him not wanna be with any dark skinned women 🤔

  4. We’ve heard this over the years so now are they still just rumors/accusations or are these now confirmed by a reliable source? In his doc he said that night whoever he had been sleeping with in the past wasn’t invited and wasn’t supposed to be at the pre-Grammy dinner but, she showed up which pissed off Rih. Wouldn’t his manager be invited to such a big event? I suspect it was Teyana because back then her Chris Bow Wow Omarion Jhene Soulja all toured together. I’m sure back then it was a free for all in those hotel rooms. I say that because during Chris and Rih relationship Teyana seemed very possessive and clingy over Chris especially after the break up. Of course we all know about the famous fight. I wonder if she’s who leaked Rihanna nudes back then If you look at their old pics and videos together she just gave off the vibe that she was crushing on the low but of course she was just the homie for him. Also once Kae came into the pic word is Teyana participated in the threesomes too. So it’s not too far fetched that she was the secret girl who texted him that night.

  5. A post from 2017 she got nerve to post a pic of him caption says hey nephew gurl that’s your son and Chris is def the dad lol

      1. That makes me question several things I have read lately. However, I do remember the rumors that the manager’s text causes the fight. Maybe there are some truths mixed in with false information.

  6. That’s a nasty ass mess!!! She catching all of that karma too ! Smhhhh So it sounds like some of this ain’t too far fetched

  7. Glad yall finally addressing the real his doc he took a lot out Tina loving them young teens Davis is wicked period I remember seeing her name on a pedophile ring list she always gave off that vibe there’s a old video of her rushing

    Chris into a car forcing security to get him away from his fans when he got in the car with her she started laying on him he was a teen than he look so sad and very uncomfortable next to her them parents give up their children for money trust and believe Chris mother sold her son out to that industry she definitely had her hands in that CB and RF humiliation satanic ritual the numbers add up right. A lot of rituals took place with Chris shit terrible now yall can see why he distance himself from black women has nothing to do with Rih in his eyes she’s a queen no matter if he not in love with her like ppl keep saying Tina damage him a lot he has to do he did so many rituals

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