July 1, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 8/19/2021 She is in hot water

  1. Nicki shouldn’t have ever gotten with that man. I get it, you love who you love but a brand, her team should have really intervened. She should have know marrying that dude wouldn’t have gone well for her, especially after the backlash she received for supporting her brother.

    1. I feel like by the time Nicki got with Kenneth her team had already turned they back on her. I still believe her team was apart of the sabotage she was going through the whole hate train. They tried to intervene way back when she got with meek which started all the BS for her and she chewed they head off about trying to control her love life. After that they probably didn’t give a damn who she got with and decided to let her dig her own grave since she was being hard headed. Notice how through all the drama whether Kenneth related or not her team has been silent. She’s basically acting as her own PR at this point.

    2. y’all focus way too much on nicki personal life do y’all have a life of y’all own. No matter what nicki won’t listen to you and leave her husband i can tell y’all don’t have a life at all

  2. This is not about Onika. This is about Cardi FBI case where she should have taken a plea deal. Offset is suing QC because he using most of the money on Lil Baby. Plus they have both have other lawsuits against them due to violence.

    1. it’s like they live off mentioning nicki and her husband all the time when it don’t have anything to do with them. Nicki knows exactly wtf she doing nicki is a street girl

      1. Right – a rich street girl who makes poor choices like she didn’t have access to better options.

  3. Once TMZ ran the story about the lawsuit it was over. Sounds like the old fashioned file for bankruptcy and pretend you don’t have money so they can’t hit ya pockets for a payout. But don’t they check all receipts and see if your lying or not? And if you are lying doesn’t that cause MORE trouble?

    I can hear the media field day if this does happen. They gonna be calling her broke and washed and some more shit, saying how can she be the queen of rap but ain’t got any money. Don’t even get me started on the lil kim fans who will say she in the same boat as Kimberly, and the meeksha Mills fans who will say he was right about her bag runnin low. Gives me headaches Just thinking about it.


  4. Y’all? Didn’t G say that Nicki is no longer an A+ status rapper?
    I’m guessing it’s someone else tbh. Becauseeee if it were Nicki, isn’t it only one lawsuit? And her filing for bankruptcy wouldn’t even make sense in this lawsuit bc it’s a civil lawsuit and not a criminal. Furthermore there are enough YouTube videos out on YouTube that will destroy the alleged victims stories & her credibility bc sis been contradicting herself. 🤦🏾‍♀️
    …if it were her, I think she would have went to 50 cent bc he had also filed for bankruptcy back in the days. But 50 ain’t no damn A status rapper….

    So Ion think it’s her. It just wouldn’t make any sense since she is said to be worth what? 100-150 mio.

  5. I’m not trying to be rude but it’s going to be hard for me to trust your news about Nicki. Someone sent me a screenshot of y’all saying y’all are bardi gang. The hate comments of made by bardi gang that y’all retweeted. Also y’all follow Nicki hate pages that are pro cardi b but when a page is pro Nicki y’all don’t like it. You guys are so quick to say they say false things but I never heard y’all saying that about pro cardi pages are saying false things. I thought y’all were unbiased. I’m tired of always having blogs that are pro-Nicki or pro-cardi. I like unbiased blogs. The only one that hasn’t disappointed is the whispereport and goat Alexis.

    1. Yep, they sure do follow Nicki hate pages on both Instagram and twitter and engage with them…. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they are so bias now… If you are a bigger supporter of Cardi and bardi gang, that’s perfectly fine, but you don’t have to go out of your way to write up things just to make Nicki look bad… But that is what this platform is choosing to do…. No one truly knows how much money Nicki has…

      1. nicki minaj is rich as hell cardi is the one in 360 deals with so many people in her pockets every direction she turne

      1. @ENB083 you do realize people paid to be on this blog? Now stfu unless you’re refunded peoples money.

    2. Not to mention this page said she had a baby girl. There have been a few stories that ended up being debunked.

    3. I have no idea what happened to this page! G was ALWAYS about Nicki!! ALWAYS!!! From the suggestions to how and when she should drop mixtapes… calling out folks on the hate train … all that. Now- she’s ALL ABOUT CARDI. Another page on Cardis payroll.

    4. it’s full of bs and these dummies just eating it up. she is team cardi. She just be making stuff out of her ass.

      1. I’m not understanding why you don’t just leave. If you’re that unhappy why continue to put yourself through hell being here??

    5. The whisper report is the people who run this blog pretending to be British. They’re biased af against Nicki too on there just hide it better.
      It’s one thing to not ever have liked Nicki but they used to suck her ass here then as soon as Cardi came along they flipped.
      Makes you wonder how they can be so star struck with all that Hollywood experience not to mention complaining about the Illuminati but praising their biggest recruiter Cardi.
      Not to mention the fake tarot readings, stealing blinds from crazy days and nights and blind gossip.
      But yeah trustworthy sources here 🤣

  6. I think this could also be about Cardi bc she just had to pay her old management a couple millions ? I think 10 mio and now this other person is suing her for one picture she used for her mixtapes – for 5 mio. Not sure how high her net worth is but it would make sense to file for bankruptcy bc then both won’t get any money. Same way 50 cent did it. I actually think that would be smart

  7. Sounds like Cardi she actually has real cases on her. With the FBI. Should be talked about more. I wonder why it’s not!? Her husband don’t have any teal money and they have issues with QC. She has multiple lawsuits. For those saying Nicki she doesn’t have multiple lawsuits, Cardi does and they are for real things. She should have taken the plea deal

  8. This can’t be about Nicki because she doesn’t have Multiple lawsuits… The Tracey Chapman lawsuit has already been settled and closed and she already gotten the lawsuit with Brinx, who was once signed to her, taken care of back in April because that lawsuit case is closed as well… Kenny’s current case is almost over, they are just waiting for the judge to sign off on the plea agreement… So she literally only has one lawsuit which is this Jennifer lawsuit…. So once again, false reporting when it comes to Nicki..

  9. Nicki we leave the hoodlums to the streets bc they mess up real money. She gotta learn how to screw and go! So stupid !

    1. Nicki Is a A+ plus rapper now? For Nicki to be broke and washed, y’all sure have been posting about her a lot lately.

  10. Multiple lawsuits 🤔. Can’t be Nicki because she settled Tracy Chapman’s lawsuit for like 450k and brinx for like 200k that’s like lunch money to her and I think this lawsuit will eventually get thrown out to many contractions in the victims story

  11. Y’all are delusional if you think it’s Cardi…Stop deflecting and face the fact y’all Queen NIcki is Done ✅

    1. keep on worrying about nicki legacy which will never undone btw girls with actual talent going to be passing up cardi in every way. doja and her fake friend megan. nicki can quit rap today and still be rich as hell, legacy cemented and with the crown living happy with her family.

  12. lmao sweetie even this blog won’t even say nicki career is over. you can keep wishing and praying it’s not cardi but it is her lol let’s see if this blog post the answer truthfully

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