August 18, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Nicki Minaj Part 2

  1. She should’ve transitioned to her passion. We should never let our passions go. Hope she can still branch off but it seems to be thing after thing damaging her. She needs a high profile long term PR relationship at this point.

  2. She needs to do something to get ppl and her gracious again. Lbs she can’t be canceled, however with her dude it’s a no go. She need Kim and kris help hate it or not they know how to work media. She need to low key drop him, brand herself as a single boss mom, lbs I see Beyoncé doing this soon. Men will bring you down and he don’t even got nothing to offer her. I love Nicki she just shouldn’t got involved with him. I would rather her adopt or use a sperm donor. Now he always got be tied to her and not in a good way. I think she should write a book than release a documentary. Money move in she get her side/point of view out. Like it nicki ain’t going no where publicly, but I see her career tanking and I am saying this as her biggest fan. Be smart shit even Rihanna made her money first, and ASAP has some type of career. Nicki choose him for protection when all she should have did was move out and stay quiet. Get ppl talking on your terms don’t hope with a dude just because you feel friendless. Nicki way to smart, but like most letting her emotions block her judgment. She just need to drop her projects and come back out with eps and mixtapes like wayne did for that time. I wouldn’t even care about streams she Nicki she gotta stop trying to prove that, we know who she is, what she’s done and got her and her baby back. Everyone loves a great single mother.

    1. FUCK all of that. y’all want her to kiss peoples ass and she is not going to do it. y’all got some nerves

  3. Eminem was sounding like drake lol telling both Nicki and Rihanna they his dream girls.

    I need for Nicki to find that passion again for acting and start trying to build the next phase there. Music can truly kiss her ass.

    Mariah is one to talk about bad attitudes when she’s literally known as a diva and has been rude to multiple women. She just gets a pass because she passes for a white Woman and I’m sure there are plenty who still don’t know she got some black in her.

  4. Have I been filing blanks in my head or didn’t Pink and Wayne back in the day shack it up and “loved” him? Well the double standard on the choices on which kind of awful criminal to pick for “spouse”. Diddy was too much but Diddy doesn’t have a felony, can have assets in his own name, can take his kids to school and live near a school. I’m Def not on the Love bandwagon, that man is awful but Petty is just new levels of acceptance of depravity.

  5. I’ve been thinking for years now that Nicki and Drake should be in more movies and tv shows. I do feel that Nicki should drop Kenneth like a bad habit, he’s not helping with her image at all. I do feel that being the fire sign she is (like me) she doesn’t like to be told what to do and doesn’t like to admit when she’s wrong and that’s why she stays with Kenneth. She doesn’t wanna give the haters and blogs to satisfaction for of being right.

    1. blah blah blah never people so concerned about her marriage. do you want to fuck him or something? geesh. y’all sure do talk about and he’s not a celebrity or a public figure

      1. hes a dangerous man to women/children and nicki herself but she wants to learn the hard way.

  6. Even with all the behind the scenes drama and failures, she’s still one of the best rappers to ever do it.

  7. Yal should have just said here’s a bunch of negative rumors about her that we have once dispelled but we won’t go into the truth here. Let’s just make her look bad by not telling the full story

    1. Right 😂 they act as if they didn’t give us the “sugar” for those rumors.

      As far as business goes- you win some you lose some. Find me one business person who never lost some money.

      Remy ma was responsible for her own downfall. No one else to blame, if she wants to she can drop another diss record against Karen civil about stopping bags 😂 or maybe she can actually release that she never had mainstream appeal. She’s talented but never had the mainstream fanbase. She dropped a diss record hoping it will bring her back from the dead…but damn it became her second funeral. #doublehomocide

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