July 1, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/15/2021

  1. I think the lawsuit will be dismissed in a few weeks for not having enough evidence. The separation of nicki and Kenny might be closer than we think.

    1. The evidence is there, that’s why the victim lawyered up. Don’t be a rape apologists. She’s scum just like her baby daddy. Water seeks its level

  2. The way I read the Tom cruise bit is he got actual girls aka minors on the yacht is that what’s going on? 👀 Or for some reason the “umm” makes me think it’s like something kinky like he got transgenders on there with him lol idk he is a weird man. It’s one of the two.

    Nicki the only reason we even know this man is because you debuted him as your man/husband. Changing your name on Twitter ain’t gonna change anything. You’ve gone to bat for him during all this mess and before that you have no choice but to take the L on this one. If it does come out that they aren’t actually married that’s just gonna make her look even more foolish for going so hard for a man she wasn’t even legally married to and was just trying to portray herself as married so she doesn’t get viewed as a BabyMama to a felon as a whole millionaire. There’s no way to win in this situation.

    Let me find out Christopher Jamal is a chubby chaser on the low lol

    1. sweetie nicki will never look foolish. so stop she’s a grown woman she can go hard for anyone she wants ain’t a damn thing y’all are going to do about it

      1. Lol y’all the type of Barbz that go so hard but as soon as Nicki divorce this man y’all gonna be like thank god he wasn’t right for you queen. Y’all did the same routine when she was with meek, acting like you was so supportive to appear to be the good little fan that rides out for her but soon as the break up came y’all was poppin champagne cause y’all know y’all didn’t like him. Same is happening this time, y’all just make it extra cute cause he actually got a baby out of Nicki.

      2. She look foolish from the jump. Her raps are one thing her personal life is a shit show. I hope she learns to make better choices.

  3. Tom cruise is just stupid and needs to be looked into, I hope they’re not underage being abused by this idiot.

    Nicki changing her name means nothing, she is prob trying to not look at bad but shes done the damage. 3 ABUSERS she has been linked to supporting! That is disgusting she clearly doesn’t care about women or girls AT ALL!!!!!!

    1. Shut the fuck up. Women all ways blame black women for what a man does. Nicki have nothing to do with other women or girls. So fuck off with that shit. He should suffer for what he has done. Kenny is a grown man. Blam him not nicki Minaj. Nicki have to blam herself for being with this loser. Everybody try to tell her last year 2020. To leave this man and she stay. I guess she have to fight with another storm.

  4. another lie y’all will get caught in lol G are you married? lets see your page certificate. i thought you and fat boy wasn’t going to speak on nicki again

    1. Lee Lee you really need to stop. I love nicki Minaj too. But you have to be honest here. Everybody was trying to get nicki to leave this man alone since 2019. When all of this stuff came out about Kenneth she should back away from he than. As a fan of nicki I knew this was going to be bad for her to stay. When she could have gotten with another man and have a baby with. Yet she chose to stay with this man. Very disappointed because she should have left him in February when this lady started talking. Hopefully she will learn her lesson after all of this is said and done. She need to just love herself and her son and move on for this loser. Hopefully she will still have a career after this foolish decision. Still love her hate to see this happening to her again. Her brother now her so called husband. Got to do better.

      1. y’all think y’all are do something by bring her pedophile rapist brother in all actually it’s really make the victim to live through it all over again. he is rioting in prison where he belongs. kenny is an innocent man that wrongfully accused as a 14 years old so shut the hell up

  5. I don’t give a damn you all sitting up here forgetting Nicki is from queen New York she is not someone that you all need to hold her hand, she is a very, strong woman and grown woman at that. Kenny is an innocent man, it’s you all that trying to make him out to be a bad guy. Wishing someone to be an in broken home and a marriage because all of you are miserable. All you all do is pass judgment on other on this man. it’s easy for y’all to write long paragraphs and for ncaseudidntknow to make up lies

    1. You are the type of barb that make us barbz look bad. Kenneth is not good for Nicki Minaj. We can’t turn a blind eye that he isn’t evil just because we like Nicki. We should hold her accountable for supporting a rapist. I hope she gets out of this relationship and heals. Instead of enjoying papa bear, she has to deal with Kenneth’s baggage everyday.

  6. Again you all can use that flawed logic with someone else because sweetie it doesn’t work over this way lol. My DNA is not being a barb and you all always think because they won’t tear down and agree with what you all say about Nicki that there automatically a barb. i would feel the exact same way rather imma a barb or not

  7. I love Nicki too but honestly this was a bad move on her part to be tied to a man with a past like this

  8. I honestly don’t get it….Do any of you know anything about Kenny BESIDES his past records? Do you know him or do you know his relationship with Nicki? Because I remember everyone calling him the P-word when that was false as well. He was a minor. Can things between them be rocky? Yes of course, it’s called having a relationship but straight up praying for his & Nicki’s downfall is something that actually shocks me.
    That man did his time… YEARS AGO. Isn’t he allowed to actually move on and have a life? And why is everyone more outraged about the attempted rape (per court docs) and not the manslaughter?? It’s always black people who scream that the system is rigged against them and that they are never allowed to move on from their mistakes and past including criminal records and then they turn around do the exact same thing they complain about. None of us even know whether the claims are true, I’ve been following the alleged victims interviews for a while now and I’ve read the civil law suit she filed. The stories are not matching up at all. However that is for the court to decide. I thought it’s “innocent until proven guilty”? Oh wait y’all pick and choose on that one too. Bringing up her brother makes no sense, everyone who has a good relationship would have also believed their brother. Especially when you have the mother of the victim asking for 20 million dollars. But once evidence was found against him, she never even acknowledged him again. She also never paid a dime it was their mother. But I digress, I stead of actually checking the facts people just jump on headlines.

  9. Yes!! I know he’s a pos that hung out right here in Jamaica NY nickel & diming. Sometimes, he would hang out at Archer & Parsons with the “I got weed boys”. A Wotless ignorant man that puts his hands on women. He’s not out here curing covid or cancer. His claim to fame is beating & cheating on this gyal and then come back & knock her up.
    That said: Trauma breeds trauma. All these adults are hurt children perpetuating a cycle. I do hope they all change for the better, but right now it is what it is.

  10. I’m careful with what I read on any blog. This page said Nikki had a baby girl, so maybe their information on her marriage isn’t accurate. This page also said Jen Anniston and Brad Pitt were back together and that remains to be seen. I’m just saying- don’t get your feathers ruffled over opinions.

  11. Let’s be real, she only got with this man to have protection from the industry after she let her last man get into her head and got her black balled. She probably thought the decisions she made was good for the moment, but I knew from the jump this was going to damage her long term. I’m also a fan of Nicki, but let’s keep it a buck, her choices in men are awful.

    Hopefully this will be a sign for her to stay single for a while and take care of herself and Papa Bear. All this unnecessary baggage could’ve been avoided, but she refused to listen. It just better been a good reason, other than the child.

  12. Why would the producer QUIT a Kanye ALBUM…. what is really going on in his camp,it’s like Donda get amp’d then die back down…. is he okay what was the point in the not 1 but 2 concerts? Again is he okay… no one is really talking about this album making process being super in the midsts of him going through a separation/divorce…. all this seems off put and super STRANGE. Am I the only one thrown off here that Plus J having a feature & rumors swirling about a watch the throne 2. Huh 🤔 so they not beefing no more? Like WTF is up right now!?!?

  13. I loved Lorde’s 1st album. Still listen to it till this day.

    JLO is a piece of work. How were you “so in love ” with ARod. Only to dump him and get back with Ben a week later. Even if ARod cheats, a person that was “so in love” *rolls eyes* doesn’t move that fast. They’re still in the heart break phase.

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