July 1, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/14/2021

  1. Maybe future knocking up some white girls will make the pick me’s stop giving him this unnecessary praise for only being with black women. I deadass see chicks saying future may be trash but at least he goes for black women unlike these other rappers…when that man is a total cheating control freak who keeps making babies that he doesn’t interact with if their mama ain’t giving up ass.

  2. Didn’t Victorious only end less than 10 years ago? All these unnecessary ass revivals. I’m over it

  3. Nicki Minaj is doing the most being with a bum and rapist. Even if they win the case being with him will still be bad. Now people will still be calling her out all the time.

    1. Yes nicki def downgraded, she’s always associated with abusers, its very unfortunate. I lost respect for her, shes just a rapper now.

  4. Future really have alot of time on his hands but at the same tine he has no time for the important little people.

  5. For any women to take future serious is one of three things 1 money hungry
    2 desperate
    3 super Horny cause what do women see in his disrespectful ass

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