July 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/11/2021

  1. I definitely felt like Lamar was going to relapse after the relationship and the stuff with his kids’ mom

  2. Not a fan of Beyonce or Rih, but I’ve noticed everytime Rihanna is on the spot, Beyonce have to come with Ivy Park collection or something to overshadow the news about Rih, I can be wrong but tis is the second time I’ve seen it… she is really insecure

    1. Just why all her music not good no more. I only listen to Crazy in Love album and Sasha Fierce. Lemonade is demonic and wtf i care about her shadow work! Idgaf i wanna sing a damn song! She is looney tunes

  3. Beyoncé is the most insecure artist who’s been out the longest. I also have to say that none of her ivy park stuff looks good but that’s just me.
    Dua, Doja and Olivia as the new big 3 😂 it’s getting worse in this music industry.

    Ofc they gonna do something to humiliate dababy… like clockwork smh.

  4. Big 3? The music industry is trash

    Beyonce need to stick to her lane and own it. Imitation is flattery but you can’t duplicate original. RiRi is original. She’s just being her natural self and winning. I love to see it❤

    Pressure bust pipes. I hope Da Baby stands his ground. His sins ain’t no worse than anyone else’s. His sexuality is not in question with his fans. The elites want him to snap and cancel himself. If he stands his ground without any insults to the alphabet community, he’ll come through it still at the top

  5. Dua, cool, Doja- trash, only song i liked was Say So… Olivia for Taylor- nuts! Taylor can sing sing.. Olivia cool but i smell a plant

  6. I knew Drake was nervous and tbh his songs ain’t hitting like he thought. Idc about new Beyoncé music and I saw where her mom wants her to do more country needs gospel music.

  7. Beyonce talks a good a game in her latest interview, but home girl is insecure and envious. Because if she really didn’t give a damn she wouldn’t be moving the way she has lately. Who ever thought we would see Beyonce’s bare azz selling a product.

  8. 1. Saweet is biracial so she is also mixed. He’s approaching most of the mixed women.
    2. Beyonce better come on her own singing again no rapping or rap singing; it doesn’t suit her. Beyonce also LIED. She said in a magazine during lockdown 2020 she was taking a break from music and now in a new interview she’s being in the studio for a year and a half??? Yeah okay she was probably reinventing herself.
    3. The big 3 is TRASH and untalented. Dua and Doja have like 2 good songs but olivio is just straight trash.
    4. Up was horrific, the choreo is just trash.

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