July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 8/12/2021

  1. Couple #1 is Shawn and Camila cause Camila actually speaks on their relationship in the public and couple number 2 is Rihanna and ASAP with rih speaking more so behind the scenes & from what has been said on the blog she wants a Baby with him cause they’ve come such a long way.

    As for the not living in the the truth part I view ASAP as one of those dudes that probably got tied into the industry shit when it comes to the same sex stuff, people are just now starting to have a problem with it cause he’s with rih. Before nobody cared.

    Shawn however has had multiple people say he was gay since he debuted and his fans honestly seem to know & want him to come out of the closet lol why he is even still carrying on as straight when he has such a strong LGBT following confuses me.

  2. Ahhh ok. I knew one of the couples was Rih and ASAP but had no idea who the other couple could be.

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