August 18, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesday New Edition Why They Can’t Get Along Even At 50 years Old

  1. I really hope they get it together for real this time around!!! The New Edition Story really showed how much they went through and just couldn’t keep it together!!! I really hope they do the Vegas residency so I can finally see them in concert!!!

  2. Huge NE fan here. I also hope they get it together. There’s still some money to be made. I hate that the Home Again tour was the worst tour for them because I enjoyed that show. That was actually the last time I saw all of them perform together WITH Bobby. They were on tour in 2012 but he ended up dropping the tour the day after Whitney died and my concert was the first one he missed.

    1. You were lucky because I left that concert with a headache and I LOVE them. They were late and Bobby was high as hell. Bobby had his kids with him yelling for them to stand up but couldn’t remember their names. Embarrassing 😳

  3. Bobby needs to loose weight I seen them in concert a few years ago this is when Bobby married his new Witch Hunt wife he with now and he sounded horrible however the rest of them help him out the best they could

  4. they better keep it together this time with they old ass cuz I will definitely fly to vegas to see that show! lol

  5. I really hate they missed that bag from the docu series they had. They was so good and they could have made a lot of money touring with that one. I have never seen them all together in concert. I saw BBD a couple of years ago in concert and it was really good. They put on a great show!

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