July 6, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Pr Diaries 8/10/2021

  1. Love Lauryn! Will forever love The Fugees “Ready or not”. Ummm did Lark & Martin date or something?? She’s the one from “Saved by the Bell” right??!

    1. Yes they did date for a second. She was even on like 2 episodes of Martin when him and Gina broke up over the butt statue.

  2. I figured bad boys 2 and 3 was to help Martin more than anything because in my opinion Martin’s career never completely bounced back from all that Tisha drama. Between you and me they could’ve kept that last bad boys movie 🤭

  3. Martin Lawrence was sexually harassing Tisha Campbell. How you putting this on her? Martin ruined his own show and his own life. Stop being sexist.

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