July 1, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Industy Sundays Behind The Scenes Talk

  1. Y’all pray for yung Miami cuz we all know about diddy
    I wonder if the dababy can come back from this

  2. I honestly don’t care about Cardi like I did when she first got started. I been cancelled DaBaby so idgaf if he ever makes a comeback. Meg’s ancestor’s are working overtime and I’m here for it. Torey and T.I. are the next ones who need to be forced to shut up.

  3. Diddy do the dirty on everyone. I hope she’s strong enough. I don’t mind them going solo, Yung Miami can’t rap & JT sounds way better. GL. I hope these girls kill, marry and fuck game works out for them.

  4. JT needs to revamp her image now!!! She can make it solo but she needs to stay out of trouble or controversy.

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