July 1, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Season 12 The Truth Behind The Beef Between The Weeknd and Bruno Mars

  1. I’m definitely more of a Mars type of girl… I love feel good music. I never knew Bruno had a main… any suga on them?

    1. Yes, please provide some sugar on Bruno and Jessica. I’ve heard about her and knew she was his gf but you don’t really hear or see her much which may be good I guess.

      I’m also Team Bruno but I did like Trilogy album Weeknd. Lol

  2. Bruno can make any music
    And seems like a down to earth guy. Weekend is a coke head and seems like a douche bag

  3. is it true..? Barry Gordon is bruno real dad…. I know his mom worked for Motown before having mars.. Than Mars started working for Motown… If you look at barry Gordon & Diana Ross oldest daughter they look alike plus Mars dont look nothing like his brother or sister….

  4. I would say Mars because I like more of his music. I always say The Weeknd makes depressing music a lot. I mean it’s good, but depressing 😂

  5. I’ve been a weeknd fan before he even popped off but he’s given me lots of weirdo vibes lately

  6. I’m always going to support Bruno. I miss the old Weeknd not sure what’s going on with him now but I’m not feeling it at all. Weeknd seems like he leaving his black people and crossing over completely whereas Bruno is making music for us.

  7. I Like both of them!! But Bruno ben doing his thing especially with his group…I looking forward to the weekend album tho..!

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