July 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 8/5/2021

    1. Rih doesn’t shame her exes publicly if anything she pretends they never existed or dated. Taylor Swift however makes albums about her exes and goes platinum over it.

  1. 1) Taylor Swift & that dude she’s been with longer than 3 months. Time for T Swizzle to give us some more shit talkin haha

    2) Paris Hilton

    3) Keanu?

  2. I thought number one was Rihanna but she doesn’t publicly humiliate her exes if anything she acts as though she didn’t date then LOL. So I think number one is probably Taylor Swift, she writes albums about her exes after they break up and she doesn’t seem like the bossy type. Number two may be Paris Hilton and I’m not sure about number three.

  3. I would definitely say that the first one is Taylor Swift. Not sure about the other two. Maybe the 3rd is Michael B. Jordan?

  4. 3. J cole or Kendrick. Idk Kendrick has said before that he is introverted and other ppl have also said he has cheated on his wife

  5. This is all some good 🍵 however I could see it being RiRi is that not embarrassing to know that everyone knows you’ve been together and then she walks by you like you ain’t shit🤔

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