July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/3/2021

  1. I would ask who did DaBaby piss off to get all this happening to him but then I remembered he upset Roc nation golden girl so it wouldn’t shock me if they responsible.

    I saw Deuxmoi post about the rapper who was trying to get back into his hub account but who knows he probably trying to delete the shit before fans catch on and start trying to make an even bigger uproar then they did when his tape dropped 2 years ago. You know they gonna claim the vids is recent & he creepin and blah blah blah.

  2. Summer was talking about the people who did take it. There are many scientist who actually study the ….. & even the creator of M r n a talk about the harmful effects of it and shortened life expectancy.

  3. Pepa needs to sue the plastic surgeon for having her face look a tragic mess.

    Dababy got away with too much. But he messed with the right ones. How you get in a industry and don’t realize who’s one of the groups who run it. The LGBTQ+ is NOT the clique to mess with.

  4. Fun Fact: Jennifer Aniston is a spokesperson for Aveeno which is under Johnson and Johnson.
    J&J also is one of the vaxx makers, it would be interesting to know if she got the jab or she is just cappin’

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