July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Industry Sunday’s New Segment Music tea only MTO

  1. So y’all not gonna promote Nikki’s back up dancer’s safaree Samuels new hot track called liar. It’s ok he.ll be at the Grammys next year 😂 jk
    I’m guessing Tory don’t want it with Cassidy?

  2. A H.E.R & Rihanna collab would be interesting. People forget it was Rihanna playing “Focus” on her Instagram that got a lot more people hip to who H.E.R was. I know I hadn’t heard of who she was until that moment. Took her to the next level.

  3. Not a her and Rihanna collab, Rih should collab with Normani. It’s like people don’t know how to pick their features anymore.

  4. Tory Lanez talks entirely too much and I’m ready for karma to really whoop his ass. Very excited for new Lizzo music.

  5. G, I’m a Prince fan, just picked up his newest release, hadn’t paid much attention to the cover until now and see that there’s the cleverly 1 eye covered.
    My question is now that he’s been sacrificed, who picks out these photos, is it the Elite? Are the rituals still necessary after someone has passed??

  6. Because of the pregnancy or because there’s no buzz? Lol. The first pregnancy didn’t stop anything or they waiting on Nicki?

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