July 1, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Exclusive Nicki Minaj News Kenneth Petty,Cardi B, The Documentary, New Music

  1. I just paid for Wayne world’s and I have the $25 subscription now I’m unauthorized to see the tea.

  2. Huh? Those are two different subscriptions, doesn’t seem fair to have to pay for Wayne’s world just for Nicki sugar.
    And what’s goin on with Heaven?

  3. I paid for all access now I can’t access because I also paid for Wayne’s world. Please fix this a year hasn’t passed yet so my subscription is still on.

  4. I think there is some frustration with Heaven, every time he posts/talk an exclusive about the Nicki, he gets questioned about if it’s true? Then, two days later another blog may report the same thing. And the response is, oh it’s true. Then if he discusses Cardi, then it becomes Bardi Gang vs Barbz in the comments. I think he last posted about Normani f/Cardi Wild Side, and it was Bardi gang v Barbz again.

  5. Ok y’all starting to sound like fee switching rules and prices! Not good business because Nicki information is my main reason for paying to get on your blog.

    1. It’s called expanding business. Was she supposed to keep it at $2 forever? Besides people would complain about 8 quarters anyway so it doesn’t really matter. If people can pay subscriptions for white platforms they can support black ones just the same. And also Fee charges $100 minimum & you have to hand over confidential information like your social security card just to access her forum. Hardly the same thing.

      1. Reading is fundamental!!! I never said it was the same price as fee! I said “starting to act like fee switching things after we already paid”. For example first you’re on fee blog getting info for one price then next it’s the info is now only in the dark room so you have to pay more money again. So like I said they acting like fee and That’s not how you do business period.

      2. WTF she really asks for confidential info like that AND ppl give it to her?! I’ve never been that damn nosey

  6. Heaven’s segment on this blog was never strictly about Nicki. Yes he would post about her if Info had came in but his segment was never strictly dedicated to Nicki, so just because her tea is being moved to another forum doesn’t mean the Heaven Hollywood segment is a waste for those who have it and are asking about it in the comments.

    All in all you can tell Heav is tired of the fans twisting his words to start arguments & calling him a liar and copycat when he gives his reports. All of this because he doesn’t trash cardi every time someone mentions her name. As soon as he calls her out her name fans will be right back on his side. If he does report on Nicki again, he’ll do it at his own pace. Cause lord knows for the last few months he’s been getting harassed more and more and other platforms trying to trash him.

  7. Anything Heaven has to say should be included in the Heaven Hollywood access blog that people already paid for. I’m not paying another dime for any more bait and switch schemes, you can keep that Nicki tea.

  8. Why can’t he post under his segment? Why does it have to be waynes world? Cause now thats 3 things to pay for…

  9. So heav in his feelings and now we are supposed to pay more. Interesting… I’m good on the Nicki tea anyway, not like you reported anything out of the ordinary on her anyways.

  10. I think y’all need to chill, it’s not that deep. If y’all know what y’all are saying is facts, then why get all twisted outta shape with what people are saying? If it’s not affecting your streams of income, that shyt is a non- muthafucking- factor!! But I see how upset Heaven gets and I’m afraid he’ll get so riled up on proving himself, that he’ll slip up and out his informants. And I think that’s why people come at him like they do, because they think that as well. I think he needs to take a break from those comments and focus on creating better content. Haters are everywhere, and as long as you keep feeding they raggedy ass, they ain’t gon never leave!! So y’all be cool and make this money!!

  11. Oh and G, we need that info on August and Tamar. You can’t be throwing shyt like that out there and don’t elaborate. It’s crazy how somebody jus randomly sent me a pic of him, you mentioned him, and we’re in the month of August. Yea something going on, I don’t take those as coincidences!!

  12. Anything Heaven related should be available to those who paid for his services. So his tea will be moved to Wayne’s World. So those of us who paid for Heaven tea is just assed out, huh?

    Got it

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