July 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/31/2021

  1. Yes do tell bout August and Tamar. Should she be doing another reality show though? 🤔🤔 and what hap to ole david osefo or however u say his name..

  2. I know Tamar better stay away from my baby daddy august entanglement Alsina he’s mine
    I believe Tory
    Sick of sawettie she’s just getting all this because she’s pretty and most likely sold out
    Who are these judges?
    I think Mike meant it as a joke but u never know

  3. Please drop the deets on Tamar and August 👂👂lol.

    What happened with the Cruella Disney + release.

    Dababy needs to have several seats.

    The R. Kelly hole gets deeper and sicker.

  4. I think Tamar and August both attempted suicide. Not sure why they would go on a show that is all about drama, especially Tamar 🙄 I hope it goes well for both of them.

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