July 1, 2022

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7 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The House/ Church Owned By Beyonce and Jay-z Being Set On Fire

  1. They’re so evil, I just know they’ve all done the most evil things in that house. Even the picture of it looked creepy. It’s also interesting that they happened to be out when it burned just like her getting her stuff “stolen” which I think was fake as well. I hope they burn in hell, all of these elites, and demons.

  2. There going to hell with gasoline Panties on..🤬they didn’t even care that this church had a leader of the KKK as the pastor 😡

  3. I live in new orleans and work for a local news station here (actually partners with times picayune). This was such an odd call. The fire supposedly started in the kitchen but no one has said or found out who did it. We thought it was odd that the image was blurred out too.

  4. Thanks for all the research you do! This is crazy. I’m pretty sure that’s where they do their rituals…

  5. I can’t wait for the day that they’re dirt comes out! I can’t stamd Tina, she looks creepy af and it’s not because she isn’t pretty. She just looks evil to me

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