July 1, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/25/2021

  1. We need that sugar on saweetie. A while back you said that she’s rihanna’s replacement. Is that still in? Like what’s gone bring her more attraction.?

    Will beyonce do the residency still? We need sugar on that momma. I know you got some.

  2. They might have to find another Rihanna replacement. Saweetie May have the beauty but she seems to currently lack in the music department in garnering musical acclaim. Also if age is a factor in the industry, saweetie is almost in her 30’s

  3. I think yung Miami is really going through it. She tweeted a few months back about being unhappy & feeling alone. I think she puts on a good face but doesn’t enjoy all the BS that comes with being in the industry. I could be wrong very wrong but it seems like she probably didn’t have a choice as it relates to messing with Diddy “Love”…. I remember at one point y’all said he wanted to get at Saweetie… Did it go from Her to Yung Miami instead? I feel for her considering she started in the industry at a time where she was dealing with a lot …. Her mom being locked up plus her having to take care of her siblings on top of having her own child – then JT gets locked up & now she has to carry the group while also getting pregnant. Man heavy is the head tha wears the crown. How could you turn anything down when you’re vulnerable and have so many ppl depending on you. 😔 it seems like a LOT!!! Seriously praying got her hoping they don’t break her. 💕

    1. I agree. I think she was cool where she was she never wanted to rap, but she worked hard and put her name out there. She should find something else she like but this contracts something else.

  4. That Britney clone looks weird. Young Miami needs to be careful of Love. I think it is an insurance for the Carter’s.

  5. I just think it’s funny AS SOON as Kanye and Kim breaks up… HERE COMES A JAY VERSE!!! That is hilarious as hell to me.

  6. My God let Whitney rest! Michael Jackson’s hologram was horrible. They’re probably gonna make her look like somebody’s aunty. Give it a rest

  7. Congrats to Normani!!! I want her to succeed.

    They need to leave Whitney alone, holograms are so stupid and just down right disrespectful. We don’t need it.

    You stated that saweetie was meant to replace someone but never released the article WHERE IS IT?

  8. Holograms are creepy and unnecessary. It’s a NO on all fronts! Dove Killer Diddy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Saweetie is so pretty and if I were her I would focus more on modeling then music. I don’t like the idea of a Whitney hologram, I wonder how her family feels about it.

  10. Funny how J was cold to ye up until now and j has to be in damage control to keep things quiet with people that know alot. I wonder if Ye would be asked if he ever saw j doing anything related to minors and trafficking. J is codefendant on those court papers Related to trafficking and victim suppression and multiple investigations. Also in different islands having their investigations and those we already know of on those documents. The crazy part is they truly don’t care to show it so often. Ye is unlike any other.

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