July 1, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar are in The answers

  1. Her evil porky the pig looking daddy sacrificed her for a lifetime of wealth. She definitely sold out look at her pictures there’s a lot of symbolism in them. It’s so sad she was a sweet talented artist. What’s even sadder this lady said she seen her and mj in hell. Saying to stop playing her music because she gets tormented every time.

  2. I think I know why they chose Jhoe she was gonna do more sacrifices and rituals dress sexy and sleep with men. and selena was married and believed in the sanctity of marriage so they were like oh no she’s got to go. Plus Selena always said she wanted to have kids and a farm and take a break from music. And not only that Selena couldn’t be controlled. I think they did a horrible job. Jlo can act but cannot SING

  3. I renewed my membership July 2nd and I’ve emailed confirmation of my payment about 6 different times yet I’m still locked out. Whyyyyyyyy???

  4. I read a theory that says Yolanda was hired by Abraham Quintanilla (Selena’s daddy) to watch Selena because Selena had already expressed she wanted out the industry. When Selena tried to leave that’s when Yolanda killed her at the request of Abraham. And allegedly Selena was having an affair with a plastic surgeon and wanted to leave Chris (her husband).

    1. I dont agree that Selena was sacrificed for Jlo’s career as JLo was nonexistent by the time Selena’s piqued, but this sounds like a very plausible explanation … I wouldn’t be surprised if Abraham did that but I dont think he would let a stranger let alone an employee to kill his own daughter..

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