July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Word Has it Wednesdays

  1. Wouldn’t be out the blue tho it’s been rumors for awhile lol I saw the pic of him and asap Ferg in the pool lol

  2. It’s been rumors in Harlem nyc where I’m from years about him especially once he got in that industry and deal with a crew member I ain’t gonna even go there cause I’m sure dude hurt now and it’s not like rih hasn’t date bisexual men that’s up her alley and she does not care she gon get her baby

  3. The nigga is gay as fuck!!! It’s straight facts. So is she having fertility issues? What is the delay? Maybe she might go for IVF treatment.

  4. Fans already pedaling the rumors hard and been pedaling them for years but that never stopped rih from giving him ass in the past lol besides rih done dabbled with girls before herself that’s just the Hollywood shit people gotta deal with.

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