July 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Ig Post Some of the Women The Industry Tried to Put Michael B Jordan With before He chose Lori Harvey

  1. Does he even like these women for real or they choose these women and give him the option to pick one he wants to pursue? Can’t he just date someone he has an organic connection with? I never thought he was cute honestly

    Why would anyone entertain CharlizeTheron is beyond me. I don’t think he would’ve done seeing as she is attempting to turn her black son to a female

    1. He’s not all that to me either but he could be a really nice guy with good personality etc so…ya know🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. no she didn’t she has the love of her life. if you want to be frank nas ain’t perfect like y’all claim him to be that man is a woman abuser

  2. I am the only one who thinks their relationship is fake? They always look forced. Like they are trying to hard to seem into each other?

    1. That’s it right there. I don’t understand the hype of him either… It’s mind boggling to me because he is not all that.

  3. There are so many relationships that I question these days so much phony in love outta love or stunt Twitter tweet ish be going on these days 🤦🏾‍♀️ it’s hard to keep up!!

  4. He picked Lori because he’s colourist and that “relationship” def looks forced. There’s no real chemistry just photo ops.
    Lori should def make sure she’s getting payed enough though, michael is also bi or gay so this is supposed to put those rumours to rest and cleaning his image as he’s now known as a colourist that doesn’t date black women.

  5. I remember him from when he was a teen in different movies I think hes come a long way and grew up to be nice looking but I dont think he’s in to black women

  6. Him and Halle would have been hot..he is at least 30 right? They should have at least had a fling and hung out for a while.

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