July 2, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays Jacob York

  1. He is an evil entity. You should see his demonic comments siding with pedos and satan worshippers. God needs to done him and his linage.

  2. I’ve never understood the attraction that these seemingly beautiful women had towards him. Anything outside of his money, plus industry pull & connections what is there to be attracted to? He probably has an amazing personality plus the gift to GAB! Isn’t he or wasn’t he in a lawsuit over millions being stolen / concealed from Karrueche’s earnings??
    For a hot second after him and Shenika broke up weird photos of her in compromising s&m positions appeared online…. Not cool at all… she’s seemingly moved on and totally reinvented herself since their relationship ended. So goooood for her!!

    1. Yes he’s in the comments all the time on ig. People have asked him questions about his dad and the religion/ cult he ran. He actually answers the questions… but that was a while ago. At this point most know who he is and his background… doesn’t or didn’t he manage India love as well??

      1. You are correct about him managing her as wel who knows whatever happened with that… I’m uncertain as to what her actual “career” is.

  3. I always wondered what the deal with him was because he definitely stay commenting/arguing on the IG blogs. I thought he was gay tbh.

  4. Sins of the father fall on the son

    He also manage Lil kim heard a lot of things he has done with kae and that Chris situation it was all over Twitter until this day Chris sleep asleep not woke by any of it anybody who came under that nigga Jacob York knows how to scam sneak people he also into rituals dude wicked like his, father

  5. So the son and the father did the same thing? Is the son is prison? This is so infuriating, I really despise abusers. He needs to be suffering in prison or 6f under!

    1. Yikes, can I add that it looks as if Sheneka was placed in a better situation after dealing with him. So to speak ~ he helped put her in a position to win & she ran with it (as she should) & it would appear she had not LOOKED BACK & has been winning every since. 💕 She has the level up blueprint (although I’m sure it didn’t come easy) if nothing at all he did help her. And it looks like Karrueche as well considering after being managed by him her career to a turn for the better. Albeit he may be several things that are unsavory to say the least however he has helped shaped careers & assist in placing ppl (women) in positions to win.

  6. I remember Karrueche suing him bc he allegedly stole Millions from her deals. What ever happened with that case

  7. Sooo there’s a line above that says “people say (Jacobs) father was ACCUSED of the CRIMES he (Jacob) committed or am I misreading? Like Malachi Z York was framed by Jacob York?

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