July 6, 2022

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39 thoughts on “IG Post Now Let us tell you What Really Happen to Lil Durk and India

    1. Also, do they tell you who they will sacrifice before actually doing it? What if he was shooting back because he refused to let them take her? This is so scary 🙁

  1. I’m not surprised he did it to his brother why not India. He’s evil and he gonna his he better be careful

  2. It’s interesting I thought about it being some sort of sacrifice or ritual and I was close.

    How come he has to sacrifice so many people? Don’t they sacrifice one and that holds them for a couple of years? How does this work in the industry. Please go deeper you said you would but this is just scratching the surface.

    1. I remember a lost not long ago saying hollyweird is getting “darker” maybe they switching up rules. Idk if it me but it’s like the elites are looking for someone. Like no matter how many come thru there it’s not enough

  3. Damn how many sacrifices he gotta give up! cause he done lost how many people around him now? His brother, wasnt he cool with king von? Didnt he lose some of the boys in his crew?

    Idk if I can go the sacrifice route just yet due to how many people done dropped around him. If anything I would say he either done pissed some street people off and they on him, or he done pissed industry people off and they on him…idk which.

  4. Oh no! Damn, G you got my mouth open with this one!! Poor India. She’s riding so hard for a man who’s trying to get her killed smh.

  5. So a known street dude having beef is a sacrifice? I’m in the trenches. Beef gon come as long as your in that life and even after. Durk got bodies and fighting cases. Them hits coming for many reasons and a sacrifice is not the top one.

    1. Never hang around a nigga who would do anything to have everything… Them type are dangerous mf’s!

  6. I don’t believe this one. Why would he have to sacrifice this many people in such a short span of time and no one else had to go thru that?

  7. I feel like he’s only making these sacrifices because he’s trying to avoid having to sacrifice his own mother which is the sacrifice the elites want And it’s also very that the sacrifices he’s making are not working because it’s not what the elites want and he’s starting to get desperate and look desperate as well he’s going to fuck up his career and even more innocent lives if he keeps playing in the elites faces like this

      1. That’s on her to continue to date him but for protecting herself in the moment good for her.

  8. With is status and enemies why doesn’t he have the tightest security. Why do these guys who can’t leave the streets alone move around like they are invincible???

  9. I don’t put nothing pass these pathetic people want for Fame & Richness!! I believe she is a blood sacrifice!

  10. I can’t debunk this it’s definitely possible ! That’s sad imagine her kids being there when it happen. I would be utterly shocked

  11. Normally I’d believe it but he was shooting back too. He is a real street dude born and raised as were the ones around him killed so it’s not surprising to me that so many bodies around him drop.

  12. This is one story I hope she comes across. And doesn’t just skim past it . This is scary asf

  13. In the streets they sacrifice people too just saying. Lil durk aint even nobody lol he hopped on every rapper for a come up.

  14. Since von died there is now a war in Chicago brick squad and the vice lords againts oblock also this happened around the same time as the guy who just got shot 64 times. Another dude just killed it was hit on him….this ain’t Hollywood this some street shit.

  15. That’s fcked up!! India has kids. Also, why do he need to give her up when so many of his homies died? I thought Von was his sacrifice

  16. I don’t know why people are shocked lol. Durk is evil he will sacrifice any and everyone if he has to. That’s how the elites fool people by having it labeled “street beef” y’all do know that the elites/government are the ones who started this gang war shit in Chicago and other cities right? Plus of course durk is going to shoot back lol that would make people believe it’s not a sacrifice duh. They both shot mad rounds and still didn’t hit anyone . India better leave while she can, God protected her this time. He gave up his own brother why wouldn’t he give up a girlfriend ? These people have everyone so fooled, he can make 1000 songs about her he still be cheating. Just like he makes songs and posts about Von knowing he sacrificed him.

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