July 2, 2022

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17 thoughts on “IG Post They’re Gonna Kill Her if She Keeps Exposing Them

  1. Maybe she wants to be dead, Sadly. 🙁 if I couldn’t have my freedom I might as well be dead too . At least she’s exposing the truth

  2. Car crash? Accidental drug overdose? Suicide? I saw this coming she has been talking too much for the elites.

  3. My hurts really hurts Britney always been my top favorite pop star. If something happens and I know it will hurt me.

  4. She can be another big sacrifice for that house of horrors industry for another Brittany replacement they want to bring in she suffered so much abuse and use that rabbit hole runs deep

  5. This is so sad, bless her heart. They abused her, her whole life. I hope she makes it out but I understand her not wanting to be here no more.

  6. I really been having a bad feeling about her lately. Especially now that whoever is writing her IG posts is releasing so much in these post these past few days. I really do think something bad will happen with her and it can possibly be an industry sacrifice because if it was to happen, I bet all her old albums/records will sell again. August is usually a month for sacrifices and I expect to hear more celebs death but I don’t think I am ready for this one if something was to happen to Britney ya’ll…

  7. I’m wondering though… do yall think that “they” may have something else up their sleeves for her or do they not care anymore? I feel like her suddenly dying right now would be too much like right. I mean, everybody would look right at her father and the other shady folks involved in the conservatorship drama. Either way, I hope she’s able to break free.

  8. It must be tough to keep the motivation to take on fighting the conservatorship. I hope that the people now more vocal against it will help change things around for her. #FreeBritney

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