July 4, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Thursdays

  1. That secret child needs to go away, that predator is right where he belongs. He needs to burn in hell.

    I hope Nicki never does, they will take her out quicker than she can blink if she does.

  2. I hope Nicki doesn’t do it, forget the industry & forget Cardi’s talentless self for taking the bait in going toe to toe with the Queen.

    Shorty did all that talking, running her mouth & now you tryna spin the block?! Girl bye!

  3. Lil kim and nicki should do it and just go ahead. Or jay and kanye either way

    John ledgend and Chrissy

    Rkelly and Aaliyah

  4. I follow Aaliyah daughter. she started randomly sending me voice messages one day. i get the feeling she’s lonely so I talk to her every now and then. ive never asked her about it but she looks and sounds just like her. I hope she does come out. maybe she can live a normal life finally.

    1. Woooow!!!!! I believe this has been mentioned on this site before but there hasn’t been a lot of details at least not yet. Who raised her? What’s she doing now?

  5. If the first one is Nicki and Lil Kim, I hope Nicki doesn’t do it. I’m not a huge Nicki fan, I like a handful of her songs. I rock with some of Kim’s songs too. I’m not being biased because of their music or anything. I just think Lil Kim is fake af for this. She was loud as hell with her one sided beef but now that she has a book coming out, she wants Nicki’s fan base’s support. Fuck that, that’s fake af. If Lil Kim hadn’t done the most to trash Nicki’s name then I’d be all for it, but this is wack af on Kim’s side.

  6. 1) People keep saying A List Celeb is Nicki an AList Celebrity in the Industry I’m going to say NOO Not anymore! I’m going to say JayZ & JCole

    2) Chrissy/John Legend

    3) Aaliyah & R Kelly daughter

  7. Kim is not a A list . I don’t think it’s jay z sand Kanye either because the way they wrote this is like they have never had a record together

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