July 1, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesday

  1. I don’t care for cardi but goodness I’m sooo excited for Normani to arive. Beyonce collab; I’m always here for. Fifth harmony would be interesting, this is too much right now. My baby is actually coming!

  2. I’m excited for Normani. I really wish she would have waited to release any features because we don’t care about them, we care about HER!

  3. I def see how she’s getting a big push this time around. The video with Cardi was just 1 big ole ritual 😵‍💫

  4. If Normani can get Beyoncé on her debut album it’s over for the girls!!! That’s basically Beyoncé passing the throne. (Y’all can not like it but it is what it is). I’m sure Beyoncé proud of her mini mes lol

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