July 6, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Drake’s Alleged New Girl Once Cheated on Fiance’ with NBA Star And Caused a Emotional Breakdown

  1. Chile these parents nowadays just wanna be in the camera more than their child and be coming with more baggage at their ages then then their child smh

  2. It’s clear the mom is a thot. The boy is already dealing with her heaux baggage. He may hide it. But he is embarrassed/ashamed. And now she moves on to Drake. Who more than likely only sees her as another harem member and will move on to the next because he knows how she rolls. The son will once again suffer from his mom’s poor choices.

  3. Who cares if she cheated in the past.. We all do at sum point! Why is this even relevant?! I mean everybody posting this like it just happened lol, real Drake fans know this man not gone be with woman long term anyway Tf

    1. LOL you forgot women especially aren’t allowed to make mistakes the way their male peers ALWAYS DO??

  4. Before I saw her last name, Edlberg, I figured she was part Jewish because I saw a photo of her with the 5 pointed star necklace one.

  5. What’s the big deal ? Men cheat and leave women once they aren’t happy anymore all the time .. so what if she did the same 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Now it makes sense. She’s been preparing for the chance to hook someone with REAL money.
    She wasn’t gonna pass up an opportunity to be one of Drake’s many. I feel for the son…

  7. she is a gold digger is written on her face but she and drake go well together both white jews, disloyal, sneaky, botched, have children and drake doesn’t deserve a decent woman because he’s one of the greatest whores of our time!!!

  8. All y’all saying so what men cheat as well, have to know it’s a double standard for us. Unfortunately it’s not a Good look when we do it. Especially how she is doing it. I think it’s more because these men are taking care of her and her son and then she cheats moves on to the next man to take care of them. It’s not a good look. She is looking like a Jump off and it’s going to reflect on her son unfortunately. The internet don’t care and will drag both of them. It’s not his fault his mother is a gold digger. I feel sorry for her son.

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